Why a Blog Needs an Audience
by Anne | 12:13 pm

I took to the internet today to look at what was being said about why blogs need an audience. Do you know what I found? Result after result of how to build your audience or how to choose you blogs target audience, but not a single one could I find that answered the question of why an audience is vital for a blog. So, I pose the answers that I have come up with down below. Some of them might surprise you.

Come Try Blogging

This post as I was writing got turned around a bit and I’m sorry for that. I do believe that blogs need audiences and thatWhy blogs need an audience they are vital to keeping a blog alive. Not through monetary gains, though. Read on to find out why I think that way!


The simple answer to some of these is that we are trying to make money online. I know I am and while that would be awesome it’s not the main reason I write, so it’s not the main reason for my question of why.

It could very well be for a lot of people that an audience happens to be the means to more money. It’s sad, but sometimes we are very selfish creatures. That the people who read their blogs are just dollar signs to them.

Don’t worry. While it is something that I want I never want to treat my blog like a cash cow and if I ever do please come after me with cattle prods and baseball bats so I can get put back on track.

Networking Opportunities

Some people apparently blog to help make networking connections. Don’t ask me how that works because it’s not something that I’m trying to actively do, but it does happen.

I write a post, make pretty pictures, and then post them on social media and then I get likes and followers and my blog gets more exposure. I didn’t plan it that way, but it does happen.

However, this is obviously targeted at a specific business market or specific persons within that business community, so I don’t think that’s a great way to blog. It also sounds like something you do infrequently rather than full time. I might very well be mistaken and if I am please let me know down in the comments.



This sort of goes hand in hand with the next point, but it is valid. It’s hard to be informative if no one reads your blog. That being said, I believe that every single story out there has a point. It has something to be learned. It may not seem like much, to begin with, but it can grow into a snowball effect.

People can learn from others and that’s another reason why an audience is essential for a blog. It’s like my take on introversion. Everyone is unique and different and it’s good to have someone to showcase that, too. Some people are just better at certain mediums than others.

Helping Hand

Then there are people out there who want to help. They want to do everything in their power to help others. This is my main reason that I blog. I want to help people feel good about themselves, help with their self-esteem, be able to be who they are with no regrets.

Yes, I even want to help people not fall into the mistake I did of jumping on a get-rich-quick rocket and expecting it to take off when in all actuality it was held together with bubblegum and wires and just sort of imploded in on itself. If I can help just 1 other person take a step back and look at things logically then all my hard work will have paid off.helping hand

We need more blogs like what I’m trying to create. We need to bring everyone up and not just being selfish in our desires.

All the Above


I suppose having a little of each of the above would make for a well-rounded blog, but I still think that helping people is the best. After all, it was Einstein who said, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

This might have been better put as to why people write on their blogs, but I do think that it’s a valid thing. Blogs need readers, not so the blogger can earn money, but because it makes a blogger feel inspired to share more. I know I struggled to try to write my first book that’s never seen the light of day outside of a few very select people.

It went better when I was getting honest feedback about it. So, I guess that’s what I would like from anyone reading this blog. What do you think? What can be added? What would you like to see more of? Put a comment below. I treasure each and every one, including the spam ones because it means that I’m reaching people.

For me, reaching people and helping them is the best thing I can do as a blogger.

Take care,




Dave Sweney

Hi, Anne…

Interesting and informative article on why your blog needs an audience. It can be very frustrating writing 1000s of words and having nobody read them.

More practically, however, you mention some other reasons like being able to monetize the blog, help people, inform people, etc.

I think it helps to, first of all, have a passion for the niche you may be covering with your blog, and also knowing what the audience needs may be…

Then you start off with having subjects to write about that people are looking for information about. That will help along with using keywords that people are using to find that information.

You have an easy to follow writing style that makes getting through the content easy for the reader, that will help as well. If you talk up or down to an audience, you may lose them quickly…

As you create that content to educate, inform, help, and entertain others in the niche, you then can monetize the content…

Personally, I prefer to focus on the helping others through my posts, and the making money part will come naturally as people gain more trust in you…

Good take on why you need content to your blog, and as you say, many people do not think about their blog from this perspective. It can help make the blog more effective for sure!

Jun 09.2018 | 06:37 am


    Hello, Dave!

    Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to comment. 

    I’m glad you like my writing style and that you yourself are passionate about how blogs run and operate.

    Yes, I believe that having passion is something that is a must in order to create engaging content.

    Take care,


    Jun 10.2018 | 01:42 am


One life truth I have learnt is that helping others makes me feel good and I do not need to make money out of it.

Making another person and myself good, means I have made 2 people feel good. Hopefully that means my reader will go on to make someone else feel good and so on. The butterfly effect.

What does happen from time to time is I meet up with someone really interesting and they inadvertently help me, in often unexpected ways.

We do not really know people until we make an effort to do so. So I am with you 100% here.

People reading blogs these days can “smell” a money grabber and sense a genuine help.

Genuine help means they will read all the way through your blog as well.

You have made a powerful point here Anne, I hope you get a lot of response.

Jun 14.2018 | 10:53 pm


    Hello, and thank you so much for your lovely comment!

    It truly made my day. I’m so glad that I didn’t come off as some rambling, half-mad mess. 

    My main objective is to help people. Whether that is to help them make or not make a difficult choice, inspire them, or help them through a time in their life when they need it.

    I’m also hoping that by sharing my journey through life that I help people learn about themselves or someone they care about.

    Thank you again and take care,


    Jun 22.2018 | 10:58 pm

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