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Hello guys, gals, and ghosts of all types. Welcome to what I consider to be the best keyword research tool, and yes, you can try them out for free! This truly is an all in one keyword research tool. Let me show you.

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is an all-in-one tool that allows a person to:

  • Look up keywords
  • See how much traffic these keywords get (both per month and by being on the first page of Google)
  • The QSR, or the competition for said keywords
  • KQI, or Keyword Quality Indicator
  • An overall SEO score
    • The higher the score the more likely you will rank on the first page of Google
  • And if there is a domain name available for said keyword

what is the best free keyword research tool
As you can see, Jaaxy gives not only the keyword for what you typed, but also a list of complimentary keywords for you to play with and see the results. If you want to try it out for yourself, then please insert the keyword you want below.



Jaaxy is owned by Kyle & Carson, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate. These 2 are set to put out the best tools and training on the market. They want everyone to succeed and do it the right way.

How I Found Jaaxy

I found Jaaxy after I created my free account with Wealthy Affiliate, or WA for short. Back when I started almost a yer ago WA encouraged users to go and try out Jaaxy. It didn’t take me very long to decide that this keyword research tool was the right one for me.

It took me roughly 7 of the 30 keywords you get in the starter account to make the switch from starter to pro. I have never been happier with throwing money at somethingkeywords

Now, Jaaxy has been completely integrated here inside WA. Jaaxy even has a special offer for those who have a WA premium account.

Wealthy Affiliate truly is something else. It is like nothing I have experienced before. It is the culmination of a community that wants to help bolster and lift everyone up. There are training courses on anything and everything related to the online world from making YouTube videos, to creating websites, to using Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media sites.

What Other Features Come with Jaaxy?

The free version is very much limited to keywords, but beyond that is a whole slew of things that can be done.

  • Site Rank – Allows you to see your own web authority.
  • Keyword Lists – Find keywords that you want to save and save them to specific lists to come back to later.
  • Search Analysis – Find SEO trends and analyze the competition
  • Alphabet Soup – find new ideas and keywords very quickly with this wonderful tool
  • Affiliate Programs – find affiliate programs from Commission Junction, Click Bank, Link Share, and Digital River
  • And More!

This is an amazing site that just seems to have everything the budding niche website needs to start out strong and keep it that way.

What’s the Catch?

As I’m sure you can tell there is a free trial run, and then you do have to pay for it. Honestly this one of the best priced keyword research tools out there.

There are 3 different types of accounts that come standard, with a special offer for those with a WA premium membership.

The 3 types are Starter, Pro, and Enterprise.

  • Starter
    • Free
    • 30 keyword researches (Short and long-tailed keywords)
    • 20 search results per keyword searched
    • Affiliate Program finder
    • And more
  • Pro
    • $49/mo
    • Everything that comes with the Starter plus:
      • Unlimited search history
      • Manual QSR
        • You hit a button and it calculates the QSR or competition
      • Alphabet Soup
      • Domain Search
      • And more
  • Enterprise
    • $99/mo
    • Everything in the Pro plus:
      • 35 search results
      • 5x speed
      • 10,000 Site Rank scans
      • And More


Other companies have you pay up to hundreds of dollars and still don’t add up to everything that Jaaxy does. I admit that the only thing that Jaaxy doesn’t do is the cost per click data.

For Premium WA users you automatically get Jaaxy Lite for free.Premium Wealthy Affiliate This comes with unlimited keyword searches, limited keyword lists (Let me tell you, I’ve been working at WA for a little less than a year and I have only 3 keyword lists. 25 is plenty.), and everything you see in this lovely picture over here which I am sure you can read yourself.

Now, I can hear you wondering what is it about WA that makes it so appealing to people. Well, let me tell you that for the cost of a Jaaxy Pro membership you can have a Premium account with WA.

  • Wealthy Affiliate has the best training, hands down. They teach you everything you need to know about running a niche website and turning it into a business.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is a community of like-minded individuals who want to help others succeed. We bolster each other up and I have found countless inspiration from them.
  • The website setup is done in house in under a minute.
  • The writing platform is a thing of beauty with our own image platform with 100,000s of free images.

To learn more about WA then please check out my review of them here.

Why is Jaaxy the Best?

This keyword research tool has just about everything a growing business needs. It has met all of my needs as far as keywords and SEO. I just found out about the affiliate program finder, so it shows that I haven’t been using it to it’s fullest potential.

The alphabet soup technique is great. It gives a fresh perspective and even more ideas for amazing content.

All in all it’s a near perfect platform with an affordable price tag. It’s perfect for those starting out that want simple and concise data.

Did you find this post helpful? Do you disagree? If you did, then please post a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.






This article is really informative. I like the detailed descriptions of all the features of Jaaxy.

Apr 06.2018 | 01:24 pm


    Hello, Ruth.

    Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you found it informative.

    Take care,


    Apr 06.2018 | 01:51 pm


Keywords are essential and I have lost count of the amount of keyword research tools that I have tried in the past and been disappointed with. Either too costly or with far too much data and complexity that wasn’t required.

I read with interest what Jaaxy has to offer and seems too good to be true but something I will be looking into in more detail.

Apr 06.2018 | 06:34 pm


    Hello, Mick

    Thank you for your comment. Jaaxy is a wonderful place to research keywords. I wouldn’t promote it if I didn’t use it myself. I’m currently on the Pro account and have been for the last 10 months. It has changed the way I see blogging and is such a wonderful tool to use.

    Take care,


    Apr 06.2018 | 06:39 pm


Hi Anne, I’m so glad that you also enjoy using Jaaxy. I am quite new to blogging so when I was looking for help with keywords and a program that I would understand and rely on to give me the best results, I found Jaaxy to be just the right fit. Thanks for your great review of the product.

All the best,


Apr 07.2018 | 03:31 pm


    Hello Brian. Thank you for taking the time to check out my post. It’s really easy to understand everything and I love that it has a free trial. I’m glad you found this informative.

    Take care,


    Apr 07.2018 | 03:54 pm


Hello and thank you for your thorough review. I should definitely try Jaaxy. Sounds to be a promising keyword tool. The free version included in WA premium is also a crazy deal.
How do you compare Jaaxy with other keyword tools like Longtail pro or Semrush? Is it more accurate?
Thanks 🙂

Apr 12.2018 | 03:23 pm


    Hello Albert and thank you for you comment.

    I would say that Jaaxy is roughly as accurate as the other two, it just depends on what you want to use it for. For the beginner looking to get started Jaaxy is perfect. I’ve had no complaints with them, and I’ve been using Jaaxy for almost a year now.

    Take care,


    Apr 12.2018 | 03:53 pm

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