what is tailwind app
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I am not afraid to admit that I am fairly new to any social media that isn’t Facebook. My Twitter account is gathering dust as that social media platform kind of terrifies me. I find getting on social media every day to promote my business is just exhausting and time-consuming. Pinterest is easy enough. Upload photo, add a link to my website, write a short description with a hashtag or 2 and out the door it goes. Instagram isn’t like that. I have to think of a story, add cute little emojis, find 30 hashtags and write a good portion of it out.

Thankfully I have an awesome community within Wealthy Affiliate where I’m learning to make money blogging and one of the users there started a training session on how to use the Tailwind App. I looked at my feed and thought, “What is Tailwind App“? So, I watched her training, which is down below, and knew that this was the right thing for me.

what is tailwind app

Pinterest and Instagram

This is probably the time when I should say that if you haven’t heard of these that you had to have been living under a rock, but as I am a social media newbie that’s a bit like calling the kettle black.

Unlike Twitter who has a limited number of characters or Facebook where you have novels, Pinterest and Instagram use visuals to convey a message. Yes, you can write descriptions and use hashtags like Twitter to help promote your posts.

Facts About Pinterest

  • Founded in March 2010
  • CEO is Ben Silbermann
  • Headquarters are in San Francisco, California
  • Has 500+ employees
  • Monthly users are 175 million
    • 75 million from US alone
  • Worth $11 billion
  • 81% of users are female
  • 7% of total pins are from males
  • 30% of all social media users are Pinterest users
  • 2/3 of all pins represent brands and products
  • 14.2 minutes is the average amount of time one spends on Pinterest per visitinstagram

Facts About Instagram

  • Founded in October 2010
  • CEO is Kevin Systrom
  • Headquarters are in Menlo Park, California
  • Has 550+ employees
  • Monthly users are 800 million
  • 77.6 million users are from the US
  • 80% of users come from outside the United States
  • Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion
  • 68% of Instagram users are female
  • 32% of all internet users use Instagram
  • 25 million businesses are on Instagram
  • The most Instagrammed food globally is Pizza, followed by Sushi

What is Tailwind App

Tailwind App is a program that allows you to post to Pinterest and Instagram faster. The Instagram part of Tailwinds is much newer than Pinterest, but I’ve used both and I can see the potential of the Instagram interface.

Tailwind is a combination scheduler, analytics, and promotional platform for Pinterest that just blew my mind when I first found out about it. The interface is clean and it’s not overwhelming at all.

As I said you can schedule pins. What’s really great is that you can schedule multiple pins at once. You can group your Pinterest Boards together so all you have to do is click which group you want and then schedule them.tailwind app schedule

Of course, it would be weird if you pinned 100 different pins at once, so they have interval pinning. You can decide how long needs to be in between each pin of the same type.

There’s also a smart schedule. This is the main schedule that Tailwind uses to pin things too and its when you will receive the optimal traffic and attention. This will of course change over time as you grow and you can always get a new smart schedule.

I admit to having never used any other platform than Tailwind, but it has definitely changed how I see social media. It made it more user-friendly for me and that’s hard to do.

How Does it Work

There are a couple different ways that it works. You can use their Chrome Extension which can take any picture and post it on either Pinterest or Instagram. There’s also uploading pictures from your own computer, which I do when I’m posting my own content.

You can also post from Tailwind Tribes, which will be talked about in a moment. Click the video below to see it in action.

tailwind app training

For Instagram its a little more hand on. You still get optimized time slots with scheduling, but there aren’t any boards and Instagram tends to be a little wordier, to say the least. All in all its a little more work than Pinterest and there are no tribes, yet. It’s still in the early stages and there happen to be details that will need to be ironed out.

You do have to add captions and hashtags, but there are suggested hashtags for you to use along with a nice little color chart on how good they are. An afternoon of scheduling a week’s worth of Instagram posts is better than having to think of something on the fly, right?

instagram training

Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind Tribes are interesting. They are different groups based on different genres with their own set of rules. You can find different pins to schedule and also post your own pins to them so that others in the tribe can pin them to their boards. Most tribes have a 1:1 ratio. You have to schedule at least one pin to one board before uploading a pin of your own.

You can join 5 different tribes and post 30 different pins to said tribes a month. Click below to learn more.

what is tailwind tribes for


Now, I’m sure you’re wondering about the pricing. It is free to try out for both Pinterest and Instagram. You can pin your first 100 Pins and your first 31 Instagram posts for free. Afterward, you have to pay. I find the payment methods a bit off, but I guess I can understand how they do it.

Payment can be done either monthly or yearly. However, it is per account. So if you have Pinterest and Instagram then you get to pay them twice. I can understand since they are basically automating 2 social media sites, but I don’t have to like it.pricing

Monthly billing comes with its own set of restrictions. For Pinterest, you only get 400 pins a month. That sounds like a lot, but I can schedule that many pins in just a couple of days. Annual payments get you access to unlimited pins. They have not updated their pricing to include Instagram, but it’s probably something similar. Monthly fees are $15 per account and yearly is $119 per account.

Now, don’t get scared off. Yes, its a lot of money, but if you are a business just remember that this will help you build your brand. You’re not wasting money, you’re investing in it and that’s what you need to grow your business online.


I can see myself using this for years. My Pinterest posts are scheduled for the next month and my Instagram is only a couple days ahead of schedule, but I just started on that so it shouldn’t take too long to get that ahead of the game too. Now I just have to find something for Twitter so I don’t have to stress about that and get the wheel turning again rather than gathering dust.

What do you use that helps take the stress out of social media? I hope you found this post helpful and if you did, then please post a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.






Thank you so much for this post. I was looking for something that does what Tailwind does. Its a huge challenge having to move between social platforms to post statuses and links to new information or articles.

Love the option that allows you to schedule posts. This is an awesome feature, especially when you wish to keep your posts appearing in high traffic periods.


May 19.2018 | 12:23 pm


    Hello, Snow, and thank you for reading my post. I’m glad you found this helpful. It is such a challenge to keep up with social media, especially if you’re posting multiple times a day.

    Take care,


    May 19.2018 | 03:12 pm


Hallo there,

I have to say I like the app already. It was mentioned to me sometimes ago but I didn’t pay too much attention to it. Someone recommended it again to me and this time I had to check it out.

Getting 100 free Pinterest pins and 31 instagram posts seems like a great deal to know how great the program reall is. I will be surely getting it. Thanks

May 23.2018 | 12:34 pm


    Hello, Dave, and thank you for your comment. I’m glad you’re going to be trying it out. After you do come back and let me know what you think about it, please?

    Take care,


    May 23.2018 | 03:16 pm

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