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Hello guys, gals, and ghosts of all types. I bring to you another social media job with a most interesting hook of being able to make $700 per week. What is Paid Social Media Jobs about is brought to you by their partner websites which include: themselves, Social Sale Rep, and Paid Online Writing Jobs. These 3, along with Profit with Alex, seems to be run by the same company or the same person. Here we go!

what is paid social media jobs about

Paid Social Media Jobs Review

Name: Paid Social Media Jobs


Price: $27

Owners: Unsure – Possibly “Annie Jones”

Paid Social Media Jobs Overview

Paid Social Media Jobs is a company that claims on the very first page that you go to that you can make $700 per week just like this single mom. This video below should be watched in the muted position as there is no voice over and the music made me want to throw my computer across the room. It’s that happy, peppy music that annoys me to no end.

This “lovely” video is uploaded on the 5th of February 2018. Keep that in mind because I’m going to show you screenshots later on that will let you know just how outdated this video is. It is also uploaded to the channel: Social Sale Rep. Coincidence? I think not.

In this video you will find 2 still photos of this woman, which look as if they are from some photo stock shop, although I can’t find them, so they might be real.

Basically, they will help you find companies that will let you post or set up their social media sites for money. Does it sound too good to be true yet? It really should by this point. Or, if not, then it should look very suspicious.

On their home page they show you a video that isn’t on YouTube and it states that all a person needs to make money with this product is the knowledge of how to use social media sites like: Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and “a few spare hours each week” (Their words, not mine.)

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

The Good:

  • This is so over the top that I could see it wasn’t legit from the very first sentence.
  • It technically does what it says it will

The Bad:

  • You have to be able to promote yourself (More on this below)
  • This is not for just anyone, real experience is required
  • You have to give them your email address in order to even find out that this costs moneynew social media jobs

The Ugly:

  • They make it seem much simpler than it actually is
  • Tells you that it can all be learned in just a single day
  • At the bottom of the page there is a place for your first name and email address and right beneath that there is this “We value your privacy and would never spam you”. However, on their affiliate page there is this, “Awesome email followup sequence – If they don’t join the first time, we’ll try to get them to join a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc so you still make money!”. How is this not spam?

Who is Paid Social Media Jobs For?

This product is for social media experts who have extensive job experience and understands how to promote themselves to companies and how to do the jobs they have been assigned.

You basically become a social media consultant which is the eyes, ears, and voice of a company online. Social media consultants raise brand awareness, delivers traffic to the business’ website, and boosts the bottom line while keeping the company’s reputation at the top of their priority media consultant

How Paid Social Media Jobs actually works after you pay for their training and get into their site:

  1. Create a beautiful and smashing resume to attract businesses so they will hire you as a social media freelancer.
  2. Market your expertise to businesses who are unsure if they need your services.
  3. Convince your clients to trust you with their social media sites.
  4. Write a legal document on what your job will specifically entail and how much the client will pay you.
  5. Then it’s time to celebrate as you actually got the job. Let’s hope that you actually know how to meet your client’s expectations.
  6. Do the job as is required.
  7. Collect those dollar signs!
  8. Go after your client for overdue payments.

Rinse and repeat.

Also, Paid Social Media Jobs does not tell you how to do all of this, so good luck if you haven’t a clue as their training tends to be more along the lines of what you need to do and why you need to do it rather than how to actually do it.

The Money Hook

They talk about the amount of money you could earn right from the get go, although they do have an earnings’ disclaimer saying that these results are not typical and that you may not even make money at all with this product.

Now, a social media consultant in the United States makes $25,000 annually. If you take $700 a week and multiply by 52, as that is roughly how many weeks are in a year, and you come up with $36,400 or $3,033 a month, Take a look at this snapshot below and see if you can spot the glaring misconceptions.

So, she’s completed 104 jobs in 107 hours and made $19,847 in the last 6 months. So, by these figures you can work almost 18 hours a month and make a very hefty full time wage off of it. Also, isn’t it weird that everyone paid her just enough to make it so there are no cents?

Also, the red words up there saying that she got paid $272 per job is misleading. She got paid $272 per client, and only $190.83 per job. I might be nitpicking, but that did bug me.

Also, if you divide the amount made by the hours worked you get $185.49 per hour of work. I think that is definitely out of the realm of possibility.

So, here’s another picture. Can you see the mistake?


I could have sworn that her name was “Annie Jones”, so who is this “Kate Jones” girl? Also, notice the date. The YouTube video above was posted in 2018, but this says that this was taken in 2013.
Also, I don’t think this is what she made in a week as it’s practically half of what she made in 6 months. Don’t the numbers look bigger than they ought to, as well? Why is it only showing the recent activity and not the payments received which would give better proof that this was legit?

So many questions, but no answers. Also, a quick check online shows that the name for this PayPal photo changes between Annie and Kate.

Other Things I Noticed

  • The landing page has another quote on it that I think is ridiculous. “I’ve been doing this social media work online for over 12 months now and I have learnt all the tricks and tips to make the most money right from Day 1, even if you have never done anything like it before. I will take you by the hand and show you everything you need to know to get started making money as soon as TONIGHT.”

Anyone see a problem with this? With the program I’m on, which is Wealthy Affiliate, they take you step by step and show you everything you need to know to set up a successful blog site. I’ve been going through their training for a month, and I still have 5 full courses of 10 classes each to go through.scam

Yet, Paid Social Media Jobs thinks that it’s going to be able to teach everything that is needed in less than 24 hours? Not only that, but teach you how to make the most money from day 1. There is no easy way to make money online. It takes time and dedication to have a successful online business.

  • The story of “Annie Jones” is very generic and I’ve seen it on almost every scam site out there. She’s going through a tough time and then meets a friend/acquaintance/former colleague and they tell her how amazing their life is now from doing this one simple thing. In no time “Annie” is making money and managed to land her first paycheck on the very first day.

If that sounds even vaguely familiar to any other stories you hear out there, run as fast and as far away from it as possible.

  • Also, the Appcoiner calculator makes another appearance. It’s the same thing, too, just with different options. It doesn’t tell you how much you can actually make per job, just how much you might earn.

average amount earned

  • On the Home Page it says that you can get paid directly to your bank account, and yet the way they show how much money you can earn via a PayPal statement.
  • They have an affiliate page where other people can promote this product where it states that:
    • The average refund rate is 10%
    • You get 75% in commissions
    • $47 front end sale + up-sells
    • They will continue to send emails up to at least 5 more times in order to get someone to join

Which leads me into:

Paid Social Media Jobs Price

The cost of this product is $27. There are obviously up-sells with this product. However, from the front end sale the affiliates get $47. So, this means that they will most likely be charging you more money down the road.

If you look there will be a button that says that you get 50% off since you are from which will take it from $54 down to the $27 charge.

If you’d like to try for a discount then after you put in your email just flick your mouse up to the tabs bar and they will give this product to you, supposedly, for only $17. price

By the way, you hear nothing about this until you give them your email address. The only way to know about it beforehand if you haven’t read any of the reviews is to find it in their Terms section which talks about their 60 day money back guarantee refund policy.

So, why is there a cost? According to their website, after entering your email address, it’s because Paid Social Media Jobs does not take a percentage of your earnings’, so has to charge a “small” fee to cover the costs associated with web hosting and the customer service team.

My Final Opinion of Paid Social Media Jobs

This is another product to scam you out of your money. They claim that they are not a get-rich-quick scheme, but then turn around and say that you can get paid the very first day, after completing the training, building a resume, talking to businesses, convincing them to hire you, writing legal documents, doing the job, and making sure that the company you did the work for doesn’t rip you off.

It’s ridiculous that something like this is on the market and that there are people out there willing to throw their money away on something like this.

Paid Social Media Jobs at a Glance…

Name: Paid Social Media Jobs


Price: $27

Owners: Unsure – Possibly “Annie Jones”


My #1 recommended product: Wealthy Affiliate


  1. Up to Date Training that is being added at lightning fast speeds that will walk you step by step through everything you need to know.
  2. The most helpful community around that will answer any and all questions you have about setting up a successful online business.
  3. Owners that actually care about their site and everyone on it. They can be contacted via their profile page or by private message and can be found on the live chat from time to time.

Did you find this helpful? Is there a story you would like to share? If so, then please post a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts.






Paid social media jobs seems like a very obvious scam with all those tale tale signs in there.

Also I don’t if I skipped over it, but did they even say how exactly you will be making money with their system?

Overall it seems like a very sloppy program just trying to get people to spend money, when they know that 99% people won’t make anything.

Mar 20.2018 | 12:00 am


    Hello Michael, thanks for your comment!

    From what I’ve researched it can be anything from a set amount of tweets or posts all the way up to the ridiculous, like getting 4,000 people to look at their Twitter and Facebook a day.

    Take care,


    Mar 20.2018 | 12:25 am


Thank you for your review. As of this time, I am receiving an email from that site and I was thinking what to do. Now I know that Profit with Alex is a scam.

Social Sale Rep, Paid Online Writing Jobs. Profit with Alex, Paid Social media Jobs are undoubtedly scamming people.

Keep the campaign against them through your site. I’ve been warned by the facts you presented.

Mar 23.2018 | 01:50 pm


    Hello, Abagatan, and thank you for your comment. I’m so glad that you found my reviews of these sites helpful. My Paid Online Writing Jobs review goes up on Monday, and it is going to be a doozy! Keep a look out for it!

    Take care,


    Mar 23.2018 | 02:45 pm

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