What I Want My Blog to Represent
by Anne | 4:59 am

Hello guys, gals, and ghosts of all types. I got some feedback on my website the other day and it got me thinking. Part of the feedback said “One thing I found a bit confusing is that you, for example, have a synopsis of Wicked on your website which is about making money online. Both Google and visitors can be a bit confused by this.”.

My simple response is this quote. My longer response is the rest of this article. What I really want my blog to represent

“Where’s your will to be weird?” – Jim Morriso

I started wondering about what I really want my blog to represent. It’s interesting that they talked about making money online. While I would love to make my living writing blogs, it’s not everything I want to do. Working Introvert is about way more than that. What surprised me is that while I do have make-money-online reviews, I have just as many stories and topics dealing with myself.

Clearing the Air

It makes me question about what people see when they step onto my site. So, I suppose I would like to clarify a few things.

1. Yes, I want to make money online, but not at the expense of everything else.

    • This is why there are a few ads on my site. I’ve taken most of them down since I feel it ruins the aesthetic and flow of my blogs.
    • The only affiliate links you should see anywhere on my site are the ones that I have personally vetted, tried out, and then reviewed.
    • If there are any other ways you think would help in supporting my dream then please let me know in the comments section.

2. Yes, I write reviews about mostly scams online

    • This is because I was burned by one pretty badly.
    • I would like to help other people avoid them if at all possible
    • Being cheated out of money is not something I want anyone to go through

3. Yes, I promote Wealthy Affiliate

    • This site is the one that got me out of the scam I mentioned above
    • The starter account is free for life
    • The cost of a Premium Account is worth it for the sheer amount of training you receive in my eyes

who I am


4. I want people to know who I am and where I’m coming from

    • This is why I write about my life experiences
    • The true understanding of an author cannot be expressed through a couple thousand words under the About Me section
    • My stories define who I am and are a vital part of my blog

5. I write about what I enjoy

    • My tastes may be simple, but I love gushing about the things that I really enjoy
    • Next year will be a post about going to see Hamilton
    • Had I been writing this blog in the summer of last year you would have heard about my Nickelback concert
    • On the same vein, I will be writing about Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun sometime this summer too
      • With a different post about the Halloween Haunt if I can make it this year
    • You will be getting a blog about my camping vacation in South Dakota here in a few weeks
      • I have to go on it first and it’s less than 2 weeks away at the time of writing this post, which is the end of May. Relevant to me

Needs to be Said

I suppose the easiest thing to say at this point is that everything on this blog is relevant to me. Yes, I can see that it may be confusing to those who haven’t been on my site before, which is basically everyone at this point, but I’m hoping that if I diversify early enough that people won’t see it as odd, but perhaps quirky.

After all, this is Working Introvert. Work. Life. An Introvert’s Journey. I’m the introvert in question and this is my blog to share everything I’ve ever wanted with the world but was too scared to actually open my mouth and say.

I would normally say at this point that I’m sorry this isn’t your cup of tea. However, I believe that honesty is the best policy and I’m not sorry. If you don’t like my blog then you are entitled to your opinion and you may feel free to leave it on any post you like. Then you may move on to something that is more to your tastes.

If you have made it this far then thank you for hearing me out. I was expecting it to be more tearful and less ranty, but apparently, I’m in that kind of mood. I hope I got my point across well enough that what I really want my blog to be is to be helpful, honest, informative, and represent me in all things no matter what they are.

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.” – E.E. Cummings

As for the person who left me feedback for my site via Wealthy Affiliate thank you. I would never have written this without you jump-starting my brain.

I wish all of you the strength to be who you are and to never let anyone tell you different.

Take care,




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