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If you’ve read my About Me page, then you’ll know that I am an introvert, and I consider myself to be on the extreme scale. If you haven’t, then you’ll find the link for it here. For those of you who don’t know, the opposite of extrovert is an introvert. There’s also a middle man called an ambivert, which is a combination of the two.

The Opposite of Extrovert

Definitions and Things

So, what is an extrovert? An extrovert is someone who thrives in a social setting. They gain mental stimulation and energy from large social groups, and can be considered the life of the party. Extroverts prefer having large groups of friends and love to socialize.

An introvert is the exact opposite of that. They gain mental stimulation from being alone, or with an intimate group of friends. Introverts are less open to new people and may take some time to open up. In large social gatherings, or have to interact with a lot of people, they can become stressed out as they are being mentally drained.

An ambivert is a person who has neither extroverted nor introverted tendencies. They are in the middle of the spectrum. These people require a balance of social and alone time in order to feel content.

Why I Consider Myself an Introvert

As I’ve said before, I’m an introvert. I’m the person that would rather curl up with a good book than go to a party. Waiting for a weekday to come around is something that I prefer, and even then it can take me awhile to go do something new if it involves interacting with other people.

I don’t have many friends, and the thought of having a ton of friends is daunting. While online interaction is fine, I still feel the need to build up to actually posting something. Of course, that solitudecould be my innate shyness coming through, which is definitely different from being introverted, even if one is seen as the compliment to the other.

Other than that I tend to feel stressed, grumpy, and overall irritable if I’m stuck in a social situation for too long without a break. This is not just related to parties or family gatherings either. I feel this way even when I’m by myself in a crowded restaurant or a busy shopping center. The noise of people can do me in if I’m not careful.

Introvert Personality Quirks

Everyone has their own quirks, and they can vary from person to person. This is an overview of some personality traits that introverts have.

Quietness is something that most introverts have around new people. Trust me, I can be as silent as the grave when stuck trying to socialize with new people. However, put me in with a few family members or friends and I can definitely talk someone’s ear off.

small groups

We also don’t really like talking on the phone. For every 10 calls that are made to my phone I may pick up 1, and only if it’s a family member, or work if I feel like it. Everyone else can text me. This includes me calling someone. Take a food place for example. If they do not have online ordering then I won’t order from them, even if that’s the type of food that I want.

Small talk is a nightmare. The fact that I work in a place where small talk is expected can stress me out.

Taking headphones wherever you go. Yes, this can be classified as more of a digital age kind of thing, but this is also extremely useful for staying in your own little bubble, and not have to headphones to block out the worldcommunicate with others. I find myself doing this all the time, except when I’m out with friends.

Wanting to be alone. This is a big part of what makes an introvert who they are. Being alone is a way for an introvert to truly unwind and relax. This helps them to be happier and more productive. If you are friends with one don’t be mad or upset when an introvert says no to plans. They want to spend time with you, but need their own space so that they can make the best of the plans you do have.

What an Introvert is Not

An introvert can be shy, but just because you’re an introvert doesn’t mean you are shy. Shyness is being nervous and timid around other people. Some definitely equate shyness to being introverted, but it simply isn’t true. I admit to being so shy that it may very well border on being an anxiety disorder, especially around new people.

We don’t like to talk. This one is so far away from the truth that it’s laughable. Get an introvert on the right subject and watch as they dominate the stage. I will forever love talking about food. Bring up food in a conversation and I will be more than happy to converse with you on it. It’s the Introvert is different from anti-socialsmall talk that’s just one word answers that are the problem, they don’t go anywhere.

Introverts don’t like people. I’ve heard this a couple of times, but I admit that I’m not so sure about this one. I like individuals just fine, but I definitely do not like people in general. It’s the anti-social trait in me. I suppose since I do like individuals that I do like certain people.

Introverts don’t know how to have fun. This one is also not true. First of all, how would you categorize something so subjective as fun? I think roller coasters are fun. So, just because someone else doesn’t think roller coasters are fun doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have fun? I get told this from time to time when my best friends insists I go bar hopping with her. I don’t drink, and I think it’s a waste, and not fun at all. Just a couple of examples.

Introverts Just Are

Being an introvert or an extrovert comes down to personality and preferences, and while you can change one, you can’t really change the other. So there is no fixing an introvert. We simply are the way we are. We will most likely never become an extrovert, and will still need our alone time to recharge.

So now you know what the opposite of an extrovert is. That’s not to say that introverts have their days when they are extroverted and vice versa. We are all human after all, and are social creatures when it comes right down to it.

If you would like to learn more about how I live day to day as an introvert then please follow the link here.

Feel free to post any comments, questions, or stories of your own in the comment section below. I will be more than happy to tell you what I know, and answer everything to the best of my ability.






Hei Anne,
Thanks for your post, I can definitely relate to how you feel. I am a bit of an introvert myself and always feel uncomfortable in large crowds especially when I don’t know anyone so tend to be the one by the bar slowly getting drunk on my own…lol. Small talk, well that is the absolute pits, lucky I live in a country now where the whole population avoids small talk anyway and don’t like interacting with others.

Mar 07.2018 | 08:45 pm


    Thanks for checking out my post. 

    Large crowds no matter what is very uncomfortable, but sometimes it’s worth it.

    I’ve noticed that people tend to be too caught up in their electronic devices to make small talk which is perfectly fine by me.

    I hope you have an awesome day,


    Mar 07.2018 | 09:38 pm


Hi Anne,
I find your article a very good one and very explanatory about introvert.
My older son is an introvert and I have shared the article with him and after reading it he came out of his room and told that he bookmarked the website because he finds it very good and genuine.
I want to thank you for this great article and touching my son.

Mar 12.2018 | 01:23 am


    Thank you so much for reading and passing it on to your son. I’m so happy that he has found it helpful and informative. I’m so glad that my little website is helping people, so thank you for sharing.

    I hope you and your son have an amazing day,


    Mar 12.2018 | 01:49 am

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