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by Anne | 12:20 pm

In a world where everything is about everyone around you, sometimes it’s hard to focus on yourself. Putting yourself first, whether it’s your health, your passions, or even just you, in general, is what I’m talking about. I know that with as much as I do every single day that sometimes taking care of myself gets put by the wayside. I feel that I have to make sure everything is good for other people before I can focus on me.

One of the reasons why I adore this blog that I have going on is that it allows me to express my ideas and feelings while helping other people. It’s the best of both worlds, but that’s not how it works all the time. It’s time to start taking care of yourself first. For me, that starts with building my self-esteem. It’s strange that the self-esteem definition is so simple, and yet can be very hard to accomplish.self-esteem definition


First of all, self-esteem is not the same as self-confidence. They are similar as they both have definitions pertaining to one’s self.

Self-Confidence is a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment.
Self-Esteem is confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect.
A few of the synonyms for self-esteem are:

  • self-worth
  • self-respect
  • self-assurance

This is the backbone of everything. If you respect yourself and consider yourself worthy then you will have pride in yourself and the tasks that you do, which leads to self-confidence, and that leads to all sorts of things, like success in one’s life.

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much?

Yes, there is such a thing as too much self-esteem. If you prize yourself too highly you can come off as conceited or even narcissistic. Someone with too much self-esteem definitely can become abusive by thinking that their needs are above everyone else.

Think of it this way, if you don’t get enough sun you can become Vitamin D deficient, but if you are out in the sun too much this can lead to effects like burning and even skin cancer. That’s not something any of us want, and self-esteem in the same way. We require a balance for it to be effective.

Building Up Your Self-Esteem

Many with low self-esteem have had external problems, such as bullying or an abusive relationship. Losing your job might mean that your self-esteem has taken a hit. So, we should regularly practice self-love and maintain our self-worth in a healthy way.

self love
1. Positive Self Talk

I’ve heard plenty of times that if others talked to us the way we tend to talk to ourselves we wouldn’t be friends. Be aware of your own thoughts when it comes to how you talk to yourself and try to turn the way you think about yourself into a positive mindset. In other words be nice to yourself.

This could mean looking into a mirror and saying “I love you” to your reflection. Unplug from everything electronic and just pamper yourself for 15 minutes. Take the time to rub lotion into your skin and give yourself a little massage. Stop taking your body for granted and be thankful for all the little things that your body has done. Think of all the things your hands do on a daily basis or your feet and be grateful for them.

2. No Comparisons

Everyone is uniquely different from each other, so why compare yourself to anyone else? Just remember that we don’t know what’s going on in other peoples’ lives. Those social media posts and pics that you see might be 1% of their overall day, who knows what the other 99% hold.


3. Perfection is Unrealistic

Stop trying to be perfect. You are a human and humans are imperfect by nature. Embrace that. Strive for excellence instead. Accept that you will make mistakes and when you do, don’t beat yourself up over them.

4. Exercise

This might be something you roll your eyes at, but I know that if I’m feeling angry and down that if I put my headphones on and just dance to the music that I will feel better, even if I’m all sweaty. Exercise releases the feel-good hormones called endorphins. This means you’ll feel better about yourself. It’s also a great way to stop emotional eating which might bring you down in the long run.

5. Do What Makes You Happy

It’s true that if you do something you love you tend to think more positively. So be proactive. Don’t like the job you’re at? Look for a new one. Can’t stand where you live? Make a plan to save up and get out. For me, blogging is slowly taking over my life and I do something I love in the process which is writing. Find out how I started my blog here.

Take some time every single day and focus on something that makes you happy. You’ll find in the long run that you’re more positive about yourself.

Taking Care of You

taking care of yourself

You will notice that everything in the above list all pertains to taking care of yourself. I know one of the ways I do is a daily schedule to make sure I don’t forget anything. I also make sure that I schedule breaks throughout my day so I don’t turn into a workaholic, especially on my blog.

Something that many people may not consider is making sure you’re getting enough sleep. When we don’t get enough sleep we tend to be grumpy and prone to forgetfulness. This may also impact the way you think of yourself as you berate yourself for forgetting something or just be in a negative mood all day.

I would say keep a journal and write in it every day. It doesn’t have to be a lot, maybe a bullet type list of things you did and how you felt throughout the day. This will help you look back and see how much you managed to get accomplished.

In short, take care of yourself, and you’ll find that you feel more self-esteem all around.

Finding Peacepeace

Self-esteem leads to self-confidence which leads to happiness and the start of finding peace in your life. Think of it this way: self-esteem is the measure of peace within yourself. Self-confidence helps with finding peace in our environment and if we can find peace both within ourselves and our surroundings then I think we would be very happy indeed.

“You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.” —Eckhart Tolle

Did you find this post helpful? Can you relate? What have you tried to boost your self-esteem or what do you do to keep it up? Please post a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.






I know I’ve struggled with this in the past and it’s amazing how much of a difference some of these things make. One of them that I’ve often focused on is exercise and, like you said, it releases endorphins in your body that make you feel good. It also helps you to build muscle and build up a strong body. A higher self-esteem often comes with this!

May 15.2018 | 05:26 pm


    Hello and thank you for checking out my post. I totally agree with you. I find that exercise, particularly walks in the woods, just bring me up and keep me there. It’s wonderful.

    Take care,


    May 16.2018 | 11:39 am


This is fantastic and it needs to be understood by some people. Like you said, just becuase someone is confident that doesn’t mean they have a lot of self-esteem and that might be an issue in certain work places or environments for some! 2 Years ago something happened which really made me feel bad about myself but after some time of making small and big improvements in different aspects of my lifestyle made a huge difference. Focusing on yourself is key in everything, if you don’t believe in yourself then who will.

May 20.2018 | 07:49 am


    Hello, Dominik, and thank you for the lovely comment. I’m glad you found my article helpful. I’m also glad that you’ve worked hard and continue to become the best you possible.

    Take care,


    May 21.2018 | 12:12 pm

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