How to set up your own website for free
by Anne | 11:25 am

Having your own website can make all the difference in the world. For already established businesses this could mean extra revenue from the online world, while new starter companies can have everything they need to succeed. Here’s how to set up your own website for free with SiteRubix.

how to set up your own website for free

SiteRubix is an amazing platform that has a website ready for you to build content on in under a minute. Wealthy Affiliate runs this platform and has all the training that’s needed to build a successful business. SiteRubix comes with two completely free websites hosted on their own platform.




Why SiteRubix and Not WordPress?

There is a world of difference between the 2 platforms with regard to what’s available. WordPress undoubtedly has more themes available, but they don’t have the freedom that SiteRubix does when it comes to the back of the house customization. Here’s the breakdown:


  • They have 192 themes to choose from
  • There is free hosting for their sites
  • WordPress displays ads on your site
  • Your site comes with pre-selected plugins with no options for customization
  • There isn’t a way to monetize your site
  • It’s harder to rank in Google, which means less traffic
  • This is the best for a more personal blog, rather than a business website


  • There are only 12 themes to choose from
  • They also do free hosting for up to 2 websites
  • There are no ads, except the ones that you choose to put up yourself
  • Your site comes with pre-selected plugins with a ton of customization options, including deleting them all together.
  • There are 10 free training lessons to jump-start your new website
  • It’s easier to rank in Google, which means more traffic
  • You can monetize your website
  • Great for both personal and business
  • Works with WordPress

So, from the differences above I think the option is pretty clear. SiteRubix is the platform I use for my site, and I have no complaints at all. There are more back-end customizations, no ads unless you want them, and free training to go with it. The downside is there aren’t as many themes as some may like.

The Right Name for Your Website

The right name for your website is crucial. I have a friend that has told me that if you can say the name of your website in an interesting or unique way then you are on the right track. You want something that people are going to remember, normally no more than 3 or 4 words long, that’s easy to pronounce, and is relevant.

So, it needs to be simple, catchy, and relevant. The right name for your website

There is no need to over complicate things. Simple is the way to go. Take a look at some famous slogans. There isn’t a bunch of words that you have to remember. I haven’t seen a Meow Mix commercial in quite some time, but I do still remember their jingle and that was just one word. McDonald’s is another one that’s simple and easy to remember. That’s how it should be for your website.

When you think of catchy try thinking it like seeing a website on a van as it drives by. How are you going to remember the name of that website? That’s how the online world works. As I stated above with the Meow Mix Jingle. That was catchy, or what about Hefty commercials. These are things you can pull from that will make your website stand out more.

Then there is relevant. Don’t name your business Work From Anywhere if you’re going to be selling pet supplies. It makes no sense and will just turn prospective traffic away.

60 Seconds to Launch

This platform helps build a fully functioning website from scratch and it does all of this in under a minute. That’s an insanely short amount of time to build a website. Should you want to build a site use the form below to help you out and find a domain name that’s perfect for you.


Step by Step Instructions

1. Type in the domain name you want in the box above.

    • This will show whether that domain name is available. Don’t get discouraged if it’s not. That simply means it’s time to bust out that creativity juice and get to thinking

2. Sign up.

    • The process is simple and you’ll be up and running in no time. There’s no credit card required either.

3. Make sure you check the Free Domain Box after you’ve signed up.

4. Add the name of your website

    • The domain for my site is
    • The Name of my website is Working Introvert

5. Pick a theme for your new site
6. Hit Create

That’s it. You wait for it to load and you have your very own website that you can do practically whatever you want with.

Now Comes the Fun Part

I love writing content so, for me, this is where the magic happens. Writing and posting things for the world to see is something that I find myself liking. I can add pictures, or ads, and I can write about whatever I want.

It’s one of the reasons I chose the name Working Introvert. This name encompasses all of me and it allows the things I want to talk about to be talked about. It also allows me to write reviews on products and whatnot since that’s something that I want to help people with. I don’t want them to be scammed like me.

Put down in the comments if you want me to talk about anything in particular. I will let you know if it’s been put on my “To Write About” list for future posts.

Patience is Key

Using this for business is a great help, but one of the things that it takes to make a website an authority is time. With time comes the need to be patient. Keep writing and creating, and you’ll get there in no time. For us, in the USA we go to school for 12-13 years to graduate and that doesn’t include college. Certainly 2-3 years for our websites to graduate isn’t that long at all.

Did you find this post helpful? Can you relate? If you can, then please post a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.






The way you explain how to choose a domain name is remarkable. Congrats! Even if I already have chosen my name, I will remember your ideas especially the one about the van passing by. It’s true that you have to use some patience. But I’m not the most patient dude on this earth…

But do you think that it is possible to make some money with the siterubix domain name or do you have to pay and get a dotcom?

Apr 25.2018 | 05:50 pm


    Hello, Jo, and thank you for stopping by. I’m glad you found my post helpful. As for your question, yes, I do believe that it’s possible to make money when SiteRubix is hosting. Much like a paid domain name you get to promote it on social media which can generate buzz and that in turn gets you traffic and money.

    I’m not the most patient either, but I’m still holding on. I can be patient for this.

    Take care,


    Apr 26.2018 | 01:06 am

RN Didi

I love your website, and the message it conveys.

I’m also an introvert. I’m most comfortable staying at home alone. I have a couple of friends, but go out with them once in a blue moon. They know my personality type hence they don’t take it personally.

One book I’d recommend you to that I loved is called ”Quiet” by Susan Cain. It’s a book that helps us see introversion as a strength rather than a ”deficit” as society indirectly teaches.

Anyway! I’ve used Siterubix when I started my first blog. I like that it was free and easy to work with (WordPress is rather straightforward). Then when I was ready, I upgraded to a paying site, in my own timing. I like that it easily transferred all my hard work into my domain. I too loved Siterubix.

Thank you for your blog!

Apr 29.2018 | 09:55 pm


    Hello, Didi, and thank you for checking out my site!

    Yeah, having people who understand you is amazing! I’m actually slowly going through the audio-book of “Quiet”. I have so much on my plate right now that it’s slow going, but it is getting done. It looks to be a very good book though.

    I’m glad you’ve liked Siterubix! I hope you continue to have success with it.

    Take care,


    Apr 30.2018 | 12:37 pm

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