Wicked Synopsis
by Anne | 11:55 am

Wicked Synopsis

So, here is my full synopsis for Wicked. I felt that the article would have been way too long if I had kept it in with my review. As it is this thing has

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Wicked musical reviews
by Anne | 11:45 am

Wicked Musical Reviews: My Personal Take

This month was an amazing month! May is always so busy. My father, my mother, and my birthdays are all in it, as well as Mother’s Day. So, it’s pretty busy, but what makes

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by Anne | 12:36 pm

Effects of Emotional Abuse: Psychological Abuse Can Happen to Anyone

So, after my post about my time in South Carolina I decided to go look up some information on emotional abuse and see how it pertained to me during that time and all of

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by Anne | 1:27 pm

I Love Fantasy

Hiya guys, gals, and ghosts of all types. If you’ve read my Things That I Love post, then you know that one of my favorite reading genres is fantasy. I love magic in general,

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by Anne | 1:46 pm

Forbidden Desert vs. Forbidden Island: Battle for the Artifacts

I’ve stated several times that my family likes to play card and board games. We sometimes like to play something that doesn’t involve us competing against each other. So, we asked some of my

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by Anne | 12:18 am

About Me

Hello guys, gals, and ghosts of all types. Welcome to Working Introvert! I’m Anne, and if you are anything like me then you know exactly what it is like when you want to go

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