What I Want My Blog to Represent
by Anne | 4:59 am

What I Really Want My Blog to Represent

Hello guys, gals, and ghosts of all types. I got some feedback on my website the other day and it got me thinking. Part of the feedback said “One thing I found a bit

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What is SEO Optimization
by Anne | 5:05 am

What is SEO Optimization: A Slightly Redundant Title

Hello guys, gals, and ghosts of all types. Today I thought I’d bring you a little look into what is SEO optimization and how search engines use this tool to find and rank all

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Why a Blog Needs an Audience
by Anne | 12:13 pm

Why Blogs Need an Audience

I took to the internet today to look at what was being said about why blogs need an audience. Do you know what I found? Result after result of how to build your audience

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Top 10 Ways to Stop Bullying
by Anne | 11:49 am

Top 10 Ways to Stop Bullying: Don’t Let it Get You Down

Bullying is something that many people go through. Even adults can be bullied: by their spouse, by their boss, even by their parents, but you don’t think of it as bullying. We treat it

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what is tailwind app
by Anne | 10:15 am

What is Tailwind App? A Social Media Game Changer

I am not afraid to admit that I am fairly new to any social media that isn’t Facebook. My Twitter account is gathering dust as that social media platform kind of terrifies me. I

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self-esteem definition
by Anne | 12:20 pm

Self-Esteem Definition: Taking Care of You

In a world where everything is about everyone around you, sometimes it’s hard to focus on yourself. Putting yourself first, whether it’s your health, your passions, or even just you, in general, is what

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what is binge eating disorder about
by Anne | 6:15 pm

What is Binge Eating About: Taking Back Your Life

In my previous article, I talked about emotional or stress eating. Today I am going to talk about an even more serious subject. What is binge eating about? How can I tell the difference

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what is stress eating
by Anne | 8:18 pm

What is Stress Eating: Cause, Symptoms, and Solutions

We have all been there. Stress with work, our financial situation, our relationships, or even other drivers on the road. We’re done, we’ve had enough, and now we are going to get ice cream,

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How to set up your own website for free
by Anne | 11:25 am

How to Set up Your Own Website For Free

Having your own website can make all the difference in the world. For already established businesses this could mean extra revenue from the online world, while new starter companies can have everything they need

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by Anne | 12:36 pm

Effects of Emotional Abuse: Psychological Abuse Can Happen to Anyone

So, after my post about my time in South Carolina I decided to go look up some information on emotional abuse and see how it pertained to me during that time and all of

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