april wins/fails and may goals
by Anne | 12:31 pm

Hello, guys, gals, and ghosts of all types. Well, another month has passed me by. They seem to be going ever faster now. I am pleased with my progress here at WA even if I didn’t get everything I wanted off my list done. Here’s another monthly win/fail review and the goals for May. You can find my March wins/fails and April goals here.

April wins/fails and May goals

What Did I Accomplish

I posted 13 blog posts this month, out of a possible 12. This is definitely something to be proud of! Of course, if I had taken into account that the end of the month fell on a Monday, then the goal would have been 13, so I’m at least on point.

Also, on the subject of posts, I only got 1 week ahead instead of 2, but that’s great progress in and of itself. I’m getting into a weekly schedule that will help spread everything out over the course of the week rather than getting it all done when I’m down to the wire.

Only 3 lessons got completed this month with the Bootcamp training. I did take the 20-day hiatus on the lessons as Kyle suggested at the end of Phase 3, so I plan to pick that back up this month. It allowed me to work solely on my website and I took advantage of that as much as I could.

3 training replays out of the 6 that I wanted to watch got done. It simply means I get to play catch up this month. I was trying too hard to get ahead with my posts since that’s a priority for me.

I have definitely become more familiar with Pinterest and Instagram so this is something that I can check off my list. Thank you, Lynne Huy and Tony Hamilton for helping there! They are some awesome people you can find in WA.

I’ve actually started looking up keywords per week rather than per month, so I have 5 keywords ready for notes for the week, to help me get ahead with my writing.

I did buy a membership to Fontenelle Forest and went 3 times this last month. 4 was my goal, but winter held on until almost the end of April so I did what I could do. I also managed to pull something in my left leg so I had to take it easy. It’s finally feeling better and I will be back on the trails next week.accomplishments

I have not lost any weight, but I am starting to practice mindful eating so I truly register what I’m eating and filling my belly with. I’m also becoming more aware of when I’m feeling the need to emotionally eat.

Social Jukebox has become my go-to for my Twitter and I plan on updating all the tweets that get put out there twice a month. It’s a lovely site that allows you to make posts and then it randomly selects your posts to put on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. After it runs out it then reshuffles the posts you have and distributes them again.

The Goals

What is in store for May? Plenty of the same along with some different things as far as personal stuff I want to do.

1. Post 13 articles

  • This will never change. I want to do 3 per week from the very beginning of the month to the very end of the month. Next month might be different as my week trip is in June.
  • My posting schedule, for the most part, in Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
    • These aren’t necessarily the best days to post, but they are the ones I chose.

2. Get 2 weeks ahead

  • This, I feel, is necessary so that I can breathe a little. Certainly not sitting back and taking a break, but give me a buffer just in case.
  • I plan on getting 1-3 months ahead, I haven’t decided which and then maintaining that lead. Any extra articles that are written will be added to the weekly posting list.
    • This is a priority for me. Don’t ask me why it just is. Maybe it’s the way I’m wired.

3. Complete 4-8 lessons

  • I’m not entirely sure if there are any more “lesson breaks” in my future, but if there are then it is what it is.Keeping up with my posts is what matters most.
  • This is also a rough estimate. The schedule is the same as my posts, but the opposite, where I want to do at least 3 posts a week I want to do no more than 3 lessons a week to get the full effect.

4. 5-8 training replays

  • I learn so much from these that I need to make time for them. Thankfully I’ve started implementing a weekly schedule to help get everything in order.
    • Would seeing my weekly schedule be something that interests you? Please let me know down below, okay?

5. Continue working with Pinterest and Instagram

  • I find it so fascinating what you can do with a picture. It is true that a picture says a thousand words and I plan on using them for the best leverage.
  • I’ve also decided to alternate my posts. I was biting off more than I could chew by posting to both 6 days a week. It might get easier once I get ahead of my posts, but until then I have to find a balance with it all.

6. Go to Fontenelle Forest and walk at least 30 minutes 4-8 times this month.

  • After all, I need the practice if I’m going hiking for a week in South Dakota.
  • This will also help get me out of the house, and my mom off my back about being cooped up inside all day like a hermit. She cares enough to let me know if I’m being a total recluse.goals

7. Go out to the movies at least twice.

  • I need to remember not to become a hermit and get out into the “public” space. I love movies since I’m around other people, but don’t have to interact with them.
  • Also, something that will make it seem as if I live a somewhat normal life.

8. Lastly, I want to have an amazing experience when I go see Wicked at the Orpheum this month.

  • It’s my birthday present to myself. I adore live theatre and plan to go see Hamilton next year.
  • I’ve seen Wicked every time it’s in town for about the last 8 years or so. It’s always a sight to see.
  • I definitely want to make going to see a show something I do more often. I adore musicals and last year I saw The Phantom of the Opera.
    • I would have gone and seen it several more times if I had the money.

So, that’s what I have on my plate this month. Do you have anything exciting planned? I’d love to hear from you down below.

Take care,





Reading your journal is truly inspiring, pushing your self to become the person you need to be in order to achieve what most people don’t dare to go for. We are stepping out of our comfort zone and reading your article give me a zip back of energy, motivation to keep improving, after all, you’re on top 100 that’s awesome keep up the grind buddy.

May 04.2018 | 03:13 am


    Hello, Erick, and thank you for reading my journal. I’m glad that it’s helping you find inspiration. I like that it helps me be accountable for my own actions throughout the month.

    Take care,


    May 04.2018 | 07:13 pm

Tiffany L

I love that you are writing about your journey with WA! As a fellow member, its great to see the goals of others. I need to do more with Pinterest and IG myself, and incorporate them into my business. I’m also trying to watch what I eat, and be more mindful of what I put into my belly also. I want to be healthier. I feel better and can think and breath better when I watch what I eat. I wish you nothing but success in your life and hope you reach all of your goals. Thanks for the motivation!

May 08.2018 | 03:34 pm


    Hello, Tiffany, and thank you for such wonderfully inspiring words. I’m glad you enjoyed my post. I hope you are getting along well within WA, and that you are learning everything you need to know. Wishing you success and happiness on your journey.

    Take care,


    May 09.2018 | 06:13 pm

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