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MeHello guys, gals, and ghosts of all types. Welcome to Working Introvert. My name is Anne and I am 29 years old.

I am an introvert, a loner, a dreamer, a risk-taker, a writer, and a maker of my own destiny.

I put myself out there expecting nothing in return in the hopes of helping other people, like me, to take hold of the future and make it their own.

You will find me and all that I am within this blog. Working Introvert was created by me mid-February of 2018. Since then I have grown it into the wonderful and amazing site that it is today.

On this site you will find that I talk about myself and who I am as an extreme introvert, share experiences and how they shaped me as a person, find helpful posts on various topics, and that I do work-from-home reviews.

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I admit that the reason I do work-at-home reviews is that I have been scammed online before.

They took a lot of money from me and gave me no training and nothing concrete to work on in return. It was to spam free ad sites, cross my fingers, and hope it works.

I know now that what they did was the opposite of everything I should have done. I’ve learned so much on Welathy Affiliate, which is where my site is hosted. There’s so much training there and the community is absolutely wonderful.

Everyone can achieve success with affiliate marketing. There are close to 4 billion people online. All you need is a fraction of that to make enough money to live comfortably.

I am getting off track though. Let me tell you a little more about what Working Introvert means to me.

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Working Introvert is a place for the dreamers who want to stop dreaming and go after everything they’ve ever wanted. It is a place for help, learning, and information.

I plan on creating quality content and keep it a mix of personal stories, helpful posts that deal with everything related to introversion, and work-from-home reviews so that people do not get caught up in the same type of thing that I did.

Why Do I Blog?

I blog because writing is the best medium for my thoughts. It is where I am most comfortable sharing things with others than I would be if I were face-to-face with someone.

I am a writer at heart and love to express myself through the creativity of words. Where I would stutter and not be able to say exactly what I want at the moment, I have the chance to truly get my thoughts in order and say it perfectly the first time.

On that note I admit that I blog for myself and my own interests. However, I know that if I find it interesting then others must do so as well. You do not get to over 7 billion people on the planet and not have people share in your interests.

Blogging made simple

Affiliate Marketing – Why?

I’ve said before that everyone can achieve success with affiliate marketing. That’s because e-commerce is steadily growing and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

This means that more companies are going to require affiliate marketers and since people are coming up with new and innovative ideas in the e-commerce world that saturation is not going to be an issue in the near and even the distant future.

Top 5 Benefits to Affiliate Marketing

1. No job, no boss, no official working hours, no commute . . . just a peaceful spot, a laptop, an internet connection, and the right system.

2. Earn while you learn

3. Potential full-time income online – earned passively

4. Possibly the best work-from-home opportunity out there if not the best

5. No prior skills or experience needed, just a willing and committed heart, determination, and patience!

Find out more here.


You can find a compilation of my latest blog posts in the sidebar to the right as well as a list of all my categories.

So, welcome to Working Introvert. I hope you find this site helpful, informative, inspiring, motivating, and above all, enlightening.

Please let me know if you find a topic you would like me to discuss in greater detail. I’d be more than happy to do so.

Wishing you success and happiness on your journey.

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Christy Christian

Is it free?

Sep 10.2018 | 06:01 am


    There is a paid tier, but it’s completely 100% free to get started. You get 20 classes of training that help give you a leg up and you get 2 free websites with your free Starter Account.

    Take care,


    Sep 20.2018 | 06:08 pm

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